About Us


In the 1970s Freddie Satterfield left his comfortable corporate position and set out to seek the American Dream of owning his own family operated business. In 1974 he began his first asphalt and concrete construction company. He understood that the most effective way to achieve his client’s goals was to share their vision of success not only through the terms of the final project, but throughout each stage of the process.

Freddie’s vision overtime came to fruition with the help of his youngest son, Trent Satterfield who came to work for the company many years ago. Trent Satterfield guided by his father started out in the field and worked his way up to company President. Trent and Freddie worked side by side to help build on Freddie’s original idea and continue to do so today. 40 years later Trent & Freddie along with Vice President, Neal Wood whom has over 14 years’ experience in management and road construction; have created an environment that has enabled the
company to grow from only four employees to nearly 50.

Through hard work, dedication and experience, Satterfield Paving, Inc. has continued to gain a reputation as a reliable, trustworthy and knowledgeable leader in the asphalt and concrete construction field.


Satterfield Paving, Inc. was built around the following core values that have continued to be the foundation of the company since 1974.



Satterfield Paving, Inc. is committed to maintaining its reputation in the construction industry by:

  • Exceeding our client’s expectations
  • Practicing integrity by embracing the principles of honesty, fairness and excellence.
  • Encouraging positive interactions to build lasting relationships.

Satterfield Paving, Inc. works diligently to attract clients that want to join forces with a highly-respected team of professionals who thrive in a culture of integrity, expertise, quality, success and commitment to our community. Satterfield Paving’s goal is to build relationships, strengthen rapport so that all customers feel that they receive outstanding service. No matter the size of the project, whether residential or commercial, ALL projects are prepared with a high level of attention and care!

Satterfield Paving, Inc. is licensed in North Carolina. Satterfield Paving, Inc. holds a Unlimited HWY License #NC57848.